A Dozen Ways To Say Hello With A Cornish Pebble Greeting Card

A Dozen Ways To Say Hello With A Cornish Pebble Greeting Card

A simple note of hello, wishing someone well or letting them know that you are thinking of them – there are many ways to say Hello and each one can be made more special with a personalized Cornish Pebble Greeting Card. Let your creativity go wild and present your love ones, friends and family with a piece of stone that will last forever.

Smiling at someone and saying hello can have a positive impact on their day, so we've designed dozens of ways for you to spread cheer. From Cornish greetings (hello, thank you, etc.) printed inside greeting cards and notes, there's an option for every occasion. In fact, if people ask what it means when you send them one of these cards or notes, just tell them they're called Cornish greetings!

Why Should You Use Dozen Cornish Pebbles Greeting Card?

Without question, greetings cards are a huge part of our social lives. Whether it’s sending an anniversary card to mark a special day or just signing off an email ‘best wishes’, we can’t imagine life without them. We all have that friend who has so many they don't know what to do with them; rather than letting these expensive pieces of paper go to waste (and doing your bit for recycling), why not send something different? Lino Lord's greeting cards and postcards are from original Lino prints on sustainable Tintoretto Gesso 350gsm card stock. This means that you get an awesome design as well as support for local artists and their community.

How To Use Dozen Cornish Pebbles Greeting Card?

Words aren’t always enough to say what we feel, which is why there are greeting cards. And, with our large collection of original greeting cards, there’s sure to be one for every occasion. So, whether you’re saying congrats on graduation or sending get well soon wishes during illness, there’s something here that will suit your message.

Shop today and find just what you need in our wide range of chic prints, themed cards and Cornish pebbles prints—and if you can’t find what you want (which is highly unlikely!), ask us about ordering a special card just for your recipient! We love hearing stories about how our customers have used their chosen card—it makes us so happy when we see pictures posted online.

Bottom Line

A greeting card is one of those little things that really make you feel good. Our loved ones and friends can’t be there to give us that comforting embrace when life gets tough, so we have other ways to stay connected—like sending them a great note, or letting them know how special they are. Giving a greeting card is an affordable way for you and your loved ones to share your love without breaking bank accounts.