Five Ways to Make Business Greeting Cards Convert Customers

Five Ways to Make Business Greeting Cards Convert Customers

Did you know that sending out business greeting cards is not only a great way to show existing and former clients how much you value them, but also a great way to attract new consumers? Receiving a business greeting card in the mail is a pleasant surprise, even for those who aren't currently your clients. People read greeting cards regardless of who sends them, so you can use this fact to your advantage by positioning business greeting cards to convert recipients into buyers. Here are some ways to make business greeting cards convert customers.

1. Special Offer

Including a promotional offer inside of greeting cards is one of the most effective strategies to turn potential consumers into paying clients. Your direct mail marketing campaign can benefit from offering prospective consumers a discount in the form of a coupon code or some other kind of incentive that is only available for a short amount of time.

2. Explanations And Information

One other effective tactic for creating business greeting cards that convert clients is to highlight how your offerings are tailored to the recipient's specific needs. To build credibility and relevance, a dog groomer may send their company greeting cards to select dog owners, stating that they breed and exhibit their own dogs. This builds trust with your customers, which increases the likelihood that they will choose you next time they need their dogs groomed (or for any other service, of course).

3. Coupons

Offering discounts with business greeting cards is a smart strategy for expanding your clientele. Either print coupons on one of the inside or back panels of your business greeting cards or include perforated coupon sheets. You may increase your marketing impact and client base by a factor of two by including a coupon for two in your business greeting card. Be sure you implement some kind of tracking system in order to monitor response times.

4. Free Gifts

A freebie is a great method to get new clients interested in your business' offerings. A business greeting card with a free present included is a great way to get your message through in a subtle and well-received way. For complimentary meals, for instance, a restaurant may provide business greeting cards to prospective customers. If the restaurant does a good job of making a good impression on the beneficiaries during their free lunch, those customers will return for further paid meals at the restaurant in the future.

5. Samples

Another manner of making business greeting cards convert customers is to provide a sample of your best service or product. An interior decorator, for instance, may have a business greeting card with an enclosed sample of their work. Such an example can help prospective clients understand the qualifications and expertise that are needed for a successful interior decorating job.

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