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Lino Lord

Lino Lord Lugger Blue Ink by Ironbridge Fine Arts

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A brilliant oil based printmaking ink you can leave open available in both Relief and Etching.

In collaboration with Ironbridge Fine Arts, Lugger Blue Ink (a Lino Lord Colour)

Make etching ink firmer by adding magnesium powder (not that you ever need to – even on a hot day – when most other inks become runny)

Make ink more oily by adding in linseed reducer or copper plate oil.

Clean up with Printmakers cleaner in a spray bottle and you will find cleaning up a doddle.

  • 200ml in each tub
  • a open ink, leave open without skin forming
  • a lightfast of…

    The Blacks are 7, Cyan 8, Magenta 5, Yellow 5, red is also 5 and the Opaque White is 8.

    These are all Lightfastness values from the Blue Wool Scale 1-8. 8 being maximum light fastness.

  • a twist cap for easy reseal and an inner seal swell – not that you need it because this is an Open ink that won’t create a skin or go hard for 2 years

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